• Global corporate workplace solution needed?
    Contact Office Moving Alliance (OMA)! Global reach – local relationship and execution!

HERTLING is the network partner of the Office Moving Alliance in Germany!

If you need to source a global corporate workplace solution, then you should work with a provider of global reach namely OMA: the Office Moving Alliance!

HERTLING is the European Network partner in Germany of the US-based Office Moving Alliance LLC (OMA). The roots of OMA go back to the year 2007. Today the Office Moving Alliance is a professionally managed firm and is comprised of +75 partners located in +350 markets throughout +30 countries on 6 continents globally. All partners of OMA providing the actual required service are highly competent, experienced and asset based.

Using the services of OMA and its network will feel like working with a single provider under one roof and ensure minimal disruption and loss of productivity to your business by a thoroughly planned, flexible and quick execution of your request when it comes to workspace relocations, expansions or any other needs because of changes and development in your organization.

OMA is not only the best solution for companies based in multiple countries, as OMA and partners in the network do also handle national or even local requests. But in case your firm has offices in various countries throughout the United States of America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, South-America and Asia, the Office Moving Alliance is able to give you a global one-stop-shop-solution.

OMA and its network-partners service customers of all scopes and sizes from the private and public sector such as Government Agencies, Healthcare and Life Science,  Academic Institutions, Finance and Investment, Banking, Real Estate, Facility Management, Hospitality, Property Restoration, IT- and Data, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Energy, Media and Telecommunications.

OMA offers its customers a wide range of services as a single-source “turnkey solution” such as for example:

  • Planning, Project & Move Management
  • Office Moving and Relocation (including preparations, installation, repairs and adjustments)
  • Workplace Projects
  • Office Technology Disconnect / Reconnect
  • Data Center Relocation
  • Warehousing & Inventory Management
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Research & Lab Relocation
  • FF& E Logistics & Installation
  • (New) Office Furniture Installation
  • Moves, adds, changes (MAC-Services)
  • Eco-friendly Decommissioning / Liquidation
  • On-Site Facilities Management
  • Crating & International Transport
  • Library Moves
  • Fine Arts Relocation & Storage
  • Secure Files / records relocation & Storage
  • First Mile / Last Mile Logistics
  • Asset Verification
  • Porterage and Churn Services
  • Logistics
  • Industrial & Warehouse relocation
  • Environmental Recycling

With the Office Moving Alliance we offer to our commercial and corporate customers a one stop shop possibility on a local, regional, national and even international scale!

All the members of the Office Moving Alliance have a fully equipped operation that includes fleets of vehicles, specialized equipment, warehouse facilities, professional sales teams, project managers and crews.

The network of the Office Moving Alliance in Europe consists of actual 13 partners in total 12 countries, which are: Germany, Luxemburg, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Finland.

In the event, that you need an office moving or any other commercial services in a country, where the Office Moving Alliance European Network does not have a regular partner, still do not hesitate to send us your request, as we do have partners in these markets too and are ready to service you there as well.

Office Moving Alliance – global reach – local relationship and execution! The combination of our commercial relocation experience and impressive level of resources enables OMA to deliver the greatest value in the marketplace.

If you are entrusted with the sourcing of corporate workplace services throughout one country or more, than OMA is “the one hand to shake”. OMA offers you a single point of contact for all your requested services globally! Give us a call (+49 30 320 90 316) or send us a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond to your request.

Want more information about the Office Moving Alliance? Visit either the website of the European Network or the website of OMA LLC or follow the LinkedIn profile of OMA Europe or the LinkedIn Profile of OMA LLC.


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