• In Europe, to and from overseas

We can organise your international removal

Whether it is in a furniture truck throughout Europe, in an overseas container ship or by aircraft around the world, we will advise you which type of transport is best for your removal and your requirements. We will transport your goods professionally on their long journey.

Other countries, other rules. HERTLING does this every day. We will provide advice regarding customs including completion of the required formalities, conclusion of appropriate insurance coverage as well as solving any other matters related to your overseas removal.

We would be pleased to provide you with a comprehensive door-to-door quotation. We will meet your timeline as closely as possible. If your removals goods are to be forwarded or delivered at a later time, we can provide short- or even long-term storage in our storage facilities.

We have experience that goes back many decades in planning and undertaking international removals and, because of our long-standing membership of FIDI and IAM, Hertling has a high-performing partner network throughout Europe.

Through this, the reliability and quality of the removals we undertake is assured world-wide.

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