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The removals company in Hamburg for removals in Germany, Europe and world-wide – Hertling

Opening hours

Open Monday to Friday 6 a.m. - 6 p.m., except on public holidays, Christmas and New Year's Eve!

External elevator Hertling

Relocation in and around Hamburg

Hertling is the right removals company for your relocation within Hamburg and the greater area of Hambrug!

Even if your relocation is only local or regional you should engage Hertling to look after it for you.

We will undertake your high-quality relocation with our own well-trained personnel, Hertling removal cartons and the most up-to-date removals equipment.

Should you be need storage for your household goods, we are able to offer this. We work for private, business and government clients.

For your customised relocation proposal and quotation you can contact Hertling Hamburg GmbH directly.

Marc-Oliver Hertling



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Long distance moving Europe Hertling truck France

Relocation within Germany and Europe

You are relocating from Hamburg or from the Hamburg area or from another town to a different location in Germany or within Europe?

We regularly travel throughout Germany and Europe with our long-distance-trucks.

Your smaller items can even be transported as consolidated freight. Furthermore, Hertling has a network of high-performing partner companies in Germany and Europe.

In that way we can offer a stress-free door-to-door removals service.

Request an individualised offer and quotation for your removal.

Birgitt Krüger



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Overseas moving container Hertling

Overseas removal to and from Hamburg

You will need a professional removals company like Hertling to organise your removal from Hamburg to Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Canada or the USA.

Our experienced personnel are able to plan your overseas removal using our international contacts with high-performing partners overseas. We will undertake your door-to-door removal in a stress-free manner.

Of course you can also engage us to organise and undertake your return removal from overseas to Germany.

Ask us to provide you with a removals offer and quotation for your removal to and from overseas (Export/Import).

Tanja Andree-Fischer



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Truck 2 man and outside elevator

Office and company removal in Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein

We undertake the planning and carry out office and company relocations of all sizes not only in Berlin but in all parts of Germany. Hertling is your dependable partner for an in-house removal such as the relocation of your archive, laboratory or library, moving to another building or a complete relocation of your business. Should you be equipping your business with new furniture, we can take care of the best possible environmentally friendly disposal of your old furniture. Should you have a need for storage space to store your files, archive or furniture, we have storage facilities available.

Ask here about your individualised offer and quotation for your business removal.

Further information is available on the business site of Hertling Hamburg GmbH.

Marc-Oliver Hertling



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  • Office move in Berlin

    This great photo of our Hertling fleet was taken during an office move in Berlin-Mitte.

  • At our Frankfurt am Main branch, October was all about files and shelves

    800 employees of the Wiesbaden tax office have moved and with them around 4.5 km of files, which we packed and unpacked 1:1. Of course, we also took on the extensive dismantling and assembly of the associated LEITZ Orga and Meta shelving systems.

  • And once again, Hertling was able to celebrate a very significant anniversary

    Mrs. Wensch has been part of our moving company for 30 years!

  • "As far as I know, this will happen immediately, without delay!"

    With these words, spoken by the SED Politburo member Günter Schabowski in an evening press conference on November 9th, 1989 on the validity of the new GDR travel law ...

  • A special find for the start of the day!

    Have a great day with this little lucky charm.

  • And another great anniversary at Hertling in Kruge / Eberswalde!

    On October 20, 2022, our colleague Mr. Pfänder had been with the HERTLING removal company for 25 years.

  • Who has turned the clock?!? Is it already that late?!?

    Check the time on your watches today if they have not already set themselves correctly.

  • Finally, they are here!

    We had to wait a long time before we were able to pick up our two new team members - two VW Passat GTE Variants - our first hybrid vehicles for Frankfurt from Volkswagen Mobile Berlin GmbH last Friday.

  • The other day on the freeway…. a special find!

    The truck of our dear colleague Arnholdt from Stuttgart converted into a mobile home - XXL - Deluxe!

  • Move with furniture lift

    If you see this in front of your stairwell window, then HERTLING is in the house and is performing a move using a mobile furniture lift!

  • Top move with HERTLING

    With this top photo of one of our HERTLING trucks, we wish you all a nice end of the day!

  • HERTLING - a great team

    As a moving company, we are also mobile for our customers and are happy to go to Hanover for a project move in case ordered!

  • 30 years of seniority - not an everyday anniversary!

    On October 1st, 1992, our Mr. Assou Ouberahou started his employment in our branch in Frankfurt am Main. ...

  • 32 years of German unity!

    With branches and employees in East and West, we as a moving company are thinking today of the peaceful path ...

  • With or without "N", such a small difference means a big detour!

    Our moving company has been based at Sophie-CharlotteN-Strasse 15 in Berlin-Charlottenburg since 1889. If only the "N" is omitted from -CharlotteN- or too fast selected on the navigation device, this quickly results in a detour of around 11 km and also difficult turning manoeuvres!

  • HERTLING delivers certified and sustainable quality when moving!

    On September 12th - 13th, we had the auditors of the SVG with us at the Berlin and Eberswalde / Kruge locations for the surveillance audit.

  • Local move

    A further moving job awaits the HERTLING-Team.

  • The Hertling removal team is looking for reinforcements (m/f/d)

    The Hertling removal team is looking for reinforcements (m/f/d) in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Kruge near Eberswalde.

  • The HERTLING team is a truly "colorful" mix!

    People of all genders, all colors, all nationalities, all cultures, all religions, all ages, all sizes with different mother tongues and all sexual orientations can be in our team.

  • International moves to and from Germany

    Only last Friday we had to trade several overseas containers in import and export at our container depot in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

  • A hot work week comes to an end

    And another working week comes to an end that was once again “hot” in the truest sense of the word.

  • 6 months of war in Ukraine - 6 months of Ukraine aid

    The war in Ukraine has now been going on for half a year almost to the day. Despite the daily news reporting on the horrors of war, there is still some positive news ...

  • Shelves by the meter!

    Our HERTLING team from Frankfurt am Main installed a shelving / rack system in Wiesbaden for one of our customers to store files.


    • Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

      Herr S. K. / Nahverkehr

      „Mittlerweile der 4. Umzug (Hoffentlich der letzte) mit Hertling; ansonsten wieder mit Hertling.“
    • Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

      Firmenkunde / Objekttransport

      „Super Team. Super freundlich. Perfekt.“
    • Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

      Frau U. G. / Nahverkehr

      „So ruhig, so unaufdringlich, so höflich, so umsichtig, sooooo fleißig und sooooo fröhlich das Team, die „Jungs“, hervorragend zusammengestellt. Ich danke vom Herzen.“

    Welcome to the website of Hertling removals in Hamburg.

    Tradition in moving – for many generations.

    On 28 September 1865 Emil Hertling founded the removals company Hertling. The family of the founder continues to operate the company to this day. Other branches were opened later in Frankfurt am Main in the State of Hesse, and near Eberswalde in the State of Brandenburg.

    In 1945 a further and independent Hertling branch was formed by the company founder’s member Max Hertling in Hamburg. This operates today independently as Hertling Hamburg GmbH.

    The removals company Hertling Hamburg GmbH works for private, business and government clients. We offer a competent and complete solution for every need.

    Hertling is your dependable service provider regardless whether your removal is within the city, within the region, a long-distance relocation or consolidated freight to another location in Germany or in Europe or overseas.

    Hertling undertakes city relocations within Hamburg and in the greater Hamburg area. We provide removals services in Hamburg, Altona, Eimsbüttel, Wandsbek, Bergedorf and Harburg.

    We undertake planning and implementation of office and clinic removals and site relocations for our business clients. For IT workplaces the removal of cabling at the existing location and installation of cabling at the new location is part of our regular service.

    For the employees of our business clients who need to relocate for business purposes or for short-term assignments we can undertake their removals nationally as well as internationally.

    Beyond the Hamburg city area, we serve our clients in the region and in the bordering States of Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. Hertling regularly undertakes removals to and from Tangstedt, Bargteheide, Reinbek, Elmshorn, Halstenbek, Bad Oldesloe, Norderstedt, Ahrensburg, Quickborn, Pinneberg, Kiel, Lübeck, Lüneburg and Bremen.

    Customer advisors

    Marc-Oliver Hertling



    Birgitt Krüger



    Tanja Andree-Fischer