• Project removals require timely planning!

Move planning and move management

For large-scale projects, such as relocating entire hospitals or a company with hundreds of workplaces, archives and warehouses, we recommend thorough planning of the relocation project well in advance.

Within the framework of move planning, all relevant matters are checked that are necessary for the successful execution of a complex move. This regularly includes establishing the quantity of goods to be moved, workspace-planning of the new space to be occupied, determining the need for any new furniture and time-line planning. All this takes place in consideration of the need for the customer’s work to continue with the minimum possible disruption. And last but not least, relocation planning also determines the cost of the relocation project.

In the event that a relocation project is to be undertaken, it is advisable for a move management expert to be engaged. This is to ensure the coordination of all parties involved, especially for complex relocation projects such as the complete relocation of a company. The smooth operation of the relocation project overall would be ensured including in regard to coordination of the timing of suppliers and dialogue with the customer's team responsible for the moving project.

We are at your disposal for the execution of your move planning and move management.

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