• Hertling,
    and the removal is done


(Removals from, to or within GERMANY)

Early preparations

Cancel your old rental contract in accordance with its conditions. Check the condition in which you have to hand over your residence. Arrange a handover time with your landlord.

You can arrange the final cleaning (including windows cleaning) with us! If you give us sufficient notice we can take care of the dismantling and reassembly of your kitchen and your wall units and the disconnection and reconnection of your electrical appliances and light fittings.

Should you wish to leave your residence before the end of your lease, you could seek a new tenant yourself or negotiate with your landlord.

Consider whether you can live without some of your personal effects. Every item that you do not take with you reduces the cost of your move! If necessary, arrange the collection of bulky refuse.

Preparations 3-4 weeks prior to your move

Notify your electricity, gas and water provider and terminate the contracts (advise your client number and the address for the final bill).

On the day you move out, note the meter reading and the meter number and notify your provider, eg by phone or on the internet.

Check whether your telephone connection can be taken with you. In some cases you may be able to take over the telephone connection of the predecessor in your new residence. You could consider offering this to the new occupant of your old residence. Otherwise, you will need to cancel your connection and apply for a new telephone connection at your new residence. Depending on the provider, you may need to wait up to four weeks for a new connection.

Advise your financial institution of your relocation and confirm any changes to your account details.

Arrange mail redirection with Deutsche Post AG, either at your local post office or on the internet. Depending upon the service you choose, your mail will be redirected to your new address for six to twelve months. Also use the free of charge redirection service of PIN AG.

At your new place of residence, register your children for kindergarten, child care or school.

Preparations 1-2 weeks prior to your move

Confirm the timing of your removal and pack-up with your HERTLING Client Advisor.

On the day of your move

Turn off the water and gas mains, turn off the electricity at the meter and hand over the keys to the residence. You may need to sign a condition report with your landlord.

Carry important documents, negotiable instruments and jewelry yourself!

In the first weeks at your new location

Register your new address at your local Registration Office. This must be undertaken within two weeks of a change of residence.

If appropriate, re-register your vehicle at the Motor Registry.

Advise other relevant organisations of your new address (eg health fund, pension fund, GEZ (radio and television operating tax), clubs, subscriptions).

Advise your insurance providers! (House and public liability insurance remain valid for a maximum of two months at both locations!)

Advise your employer of your new address (you may be entitled to time off for a relocation – you may need to provide registration documents when requesting leave!).

Inform businesses, friends and relatives of your new address.

We would be pleased to assist with this by providing postcards!