• Moving and storing – well insured

Transport insurance and warehouse insurance

Every freight forwarder in Germany is legally obliged to hold insurance coverage. This legally mandatory insurance, which is free of charge for the customer, is the so-called “basic liability”. It amounts to EUR 620 per cubic metre (cbm) of removal goods. With a moving volume of for example 50 cbm the amount of the basic liability consists of EUR 31,000.

However, this basic liability only relates to the current value of the goods to be moved. In addition, liability is only given for damage if there is evidence of fault. In the event of a so-called “unavoidable event” (for example loss of a vehicle due to fire, the removals vehicle gets into an accident that is not its fault, the shipping container is washed off the ship during a storm), there is no basic liability coverage.

We therefore offer you the opportunity to insure your removal goods at current or new value by taking out transport insurance. The establishment of fault is not required with this insurance. This is regardless of whether the damage has been caused by an external force or whether the cause of the damage cannot be established.

There are no significant limitations of liability compared to the “basic liability”. In the event of damage, this ensures that the damage incurred can be quickly remedied.

Hertling offers competitive premiums from selected insurers.

If you store your removals goods with us, we can of course also offer you warehouse insurance.

Should there be any damage during the execution of your move, our quality assurance team would of course support you in dealing with the damage.