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Responsibility in respect to Society and Environment
– CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Economic Success – but not at any cost

Sustainable contribution of our business

HERTLING was founded in 1865 in Berlin and continues to be led by its founding family – at this stage by the fourth and fifth generations. The objective of the management always was and remains to perform with the highest level of quality and by economic success to preserve workplaces and to create additional job opportunities.

These objectives, during two world wars, the splitting of Germany by the Berlin Wall and during the course of various economic crises in recent times, were not always easy to achieve. Additionally, contemporary demands require sensitivity for change and ongoing development. Currently HERTLING has approximately one hundred employees and makes an important contribution to society since jobs that provide compulsory social insurance are important for our society and also for our economy.

In the context of the provision of services in the pursuit of our business interests, we of course ensure that the associated significant demands in respect to social, environmental and human rights obligations are met.

HERTLING assumes responsibility for its employees by taking their personal situations into account, making provision for ongoing and further training and by ensuring workplaces are suitably equipped and appropriate working materials are provided.

When purchasing materials, we take care that recycled or recyclable items are used. Wherever possible we use our packaging materials several times in order to reduce the impact on the environment. All waste is disposed of in environmentally friendly ways whereby we diligently separate items according to their category. All vehicles in our fleet have environmentally friendly Euro 5 engines. Our luminous advertising sign uses energy saving light emitting diodes (LEDs). Our employees are trained to work in ways that save energy. In the framework of our business activity, with this package of measures we take the opportunity of making our contribution to protect the environment.

In undertaking our business activities, we always conform to applicable laws. We expect the same from our suppliers.

Of course, as a business enterprise, over and above the core of our business activities, we have a further responsibility towards society and the environment within which we develop our business activities. Since only as long as domestic and now global economies operate and prosper, can businesses exist and flourish. But this is also only as long as the environment and individual economic systems are protected and preserved.

For those reasons, in accordance with the maxims of the honourable merchant that were developed in the middle ages, we have decided, as an enterprise with the philosophy of sustainability and responsibility, to act in the bounds of a broader context.

Over and above our own measures for responsible merchandising, HERTLING supports additionally those people or institutions that do good for our society, culture and nature. The entrepreneur family Hertling and the HERTLING business consequently support the following associations and projects:

  • Lionsclub Berlin-Preußen e. V.
  • Lions Club International
  • Bodelschwinghsche Foundation Bethel
  • Komische Oper Berlin
  • International literature festival berlin
  • Friends of the National Gallery
  • BRC Berliner Ruder-Club e.V.

  • Volunteer fire brigade Falkenberg