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Quality Obligation

HERTLING has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN 12522 as well as FAIMPlus (FIDI Accredited International Movers), which is widely recognized as the supreme seal of quality in the international moving industry. In order to obtain these certifications, we are subject to periodic on-site audits performed by independent auditors to confirm compliance.

We lay particular emphasis on qualified and responsible specialised personnel as the basis of the success of our activities domestically and in foreign countries. Intensive vocational training measures achieve the continuous high-quality standards of our specialised sections, advisors, and particularly the commercial and technical employees at each location.

Our quality policies are defined through the mutual exchange of experience within the HERTLING branches. All of our Affiliated Branches are operating under the same strenuous quality standard and are, at all times, compliant with the up to date above mentioned quality requirements.

Alongside the continual modernisation of our technical equipment, regular training for the further education of qualified employees is conducted. Our cartons and packing materials are of extraordinarily high quality.

Furthermore, we are subject to continual quality controls due to our memberships on the national and international level, such as the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Möbeltransport (AMÖ) and the Federation of International Movers (FIDI).


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