Frequently Asked Questions

File storage / Can I store files with Hertling?

Yes, in Berlin, Eberswalde, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. Hertling can provide not only the storage of files but also a file collection and delivery service and the destruction of files. Get your personalised offer here.

Part load / what is a part load?

Part load means the despatch of a smaller amount of removal goods. The advantage of a part load is that the transport costs are clearly less than a dedicated shipment. Transport of goods as a part load requires flexibility with time-planning. We can provide part loads within Germany and Europe.

Inspection of goods to be removed / What is an inspection of goods to be removed?

One of our removals advisers will visit you in your apartment, your house or your office in order to determine the nature and volume of your goods and to discuss the scope of the services you require. How loading and unloading of your goods will occur also needs to be established. Any questions you have about the removal can be clarified during the discussion with our adviser. Your personalised removals quotation will be prepared on the basis of the information collected during the inspection. Arrange the inspection of your goods here.

Inspection of goods to be removed / What does an inspection of goods to be removed cost?

Normally in Germany an inspection of goods to be removed does not cost anything. Should a removals company require you to pay for an inspection, it would be better for you to find another removalist.

Limited liability operation damages / What is limited liability operation damages in respect to a removal?
Limited liability operation damage can occur when an employee of a removals company is at fault in causing damage to objects other than the goods being removed, for example damage to the corridor of an apartment building. Damage of that kind should be documented, preferably with photos, and provided to the removals company in writing as soon as possible so that the damage can be assessed.
Storage / Can I store furniture or items being removed at Hertling?

Yes, you can store furniture, removal goods, goods you have inherited, files and much more - in clean and dry conditions. Short and long-term storage is possible.

Liability / are my removal goods insured during the removal?

The law states that every removals company is responsible for proven damage caused to removal goods by employees of the company (§§ 451 ff HGB). The liability, however, is not limitless. There are exclusions and limitations including time limits to lodge a claim.

For detailed information please see our liability information.

The liability of the removals company should not be confused with transport insurance that the client can arrange in addition.

No stopping zone / Why do I need a no stopping zone?
A no stopping zone is always required when you want to carry out a removal and the loading or unloading area is within a highly populated area where there are limited parking places or possibly nowhere for vehicles to park. With an approved no stopping zone the parking of the removals truck directly at the loading or unloading location is possible. In that way, the distance the goods need to be carried can be shortened which means that fewer removals employees are needed. This means a cost reduction for you. At some locations it is not possible to set up a no stopping zone and the zone can only be put in place some distance away. We will be pleased to check for you whether a no stopping zone can be set up at the desired location.
No stopping zone / Can I arrange a no stopping zone with Hertling?
Yes, you can arrange a no stopping zone through Hertling. Your request to establish a no stopping zone must be lodged at least 12 working days before the required date so that we can ensure the responsible authority provides approval in a timely way. Please note that sometimes approval of a no stopping zone is denied by the responsible authority.
Storage container / what is a storage container?
The term "storage container" is not precisely defined. There are various types of container in which your removals goods, goods you have inherited, winter tyres, books, collections, etc can be stored. The main distinction is whether they are of steel or wooden construction. The 20-foot steel container, also called an overseas shipping container, with an internal volume of about 30 cubic metres, is the most frequently used container for the storage of furniture. Wooden containers which are used for the storage of removals goods exist in a range of configurations. Generally they have an internal volume of around 5-10 cubic metres. Hertling uses both steel and wooden containers.
Storage space / Can I rent storage space from Hertling?

Yes, Hertling can offer various options for you to rent storage space. Your goods can be stored in our storage facilities in steel or wooden containers, in rolling storage containers or on pallets. At some locations we can provide self-storage containers.

Ask here about your individual storage needs.

Please note storage options may vary from branch to branch.

Car transport / Can my car be transported by Hertling in conjunction with my removal?

Yes, in principle we can transport your car within Europe or to and from overseas in conjunction with the removal you have commissioned us to undertake. There are, though, some specific matters to be considered. It would be best for you to speak to us directly so we can advise you in regard to your particular needs.

Self-storage / What is the difference between self-storage and storage with Hertling?

The greatest difference is access to the storage facility and access to your stored goods. A self-storage provider generally enables you to have 24/7 access to the storage area. The storage offered by Hertling is available only during normal business hours and only after you have specifically requested access to your goods. Another significant difference is the cost. If you store your goods with a self-storage provider that provides constant access it will cost you a whole lot more. Do a comparison and decide whether you really need around the clock access your goods.

Ask us for a storage quotation to help you to decide.

Taxation declaration / Can I deduct my removals costs from tax?

It is possible to claim a deduction from German taxation for your removals costs. Basic information can be viewed on the website of the Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik (AMÖ) e.V (The Federal Association of Furniture Transporters and Logistics). or ask your tax adviser.

Transport insurance / What is transport insurance in respect to a removal?
By concluding a specialised transport insurance policy your removal goods will be insured for damage or loss. Either the new or depreciated value of your goods can be insured. As opposed to liability insurance, transport insurance applies only when/if the insured goods are damaged or lost. It should be noted that transport insurance does have limitations and exclusions. You can see the exact conditions in the insurance documentation that you will receive once you have finalised your insurance coverage.
Transport insurance / Can I arrange transport insurance for my goods with Hertling?
Yes, you can ask us to arrange transport insurance for your removal goods for the removal you have commissioned Hertling to undertake.
Removals / Can anyone offer removals services?

Every business that has been appropriately registered to trade as a removalist may provide removals services. However, only removals companies that have vehicles and trailers with an approved gross weight greater than 3.5 tonnes may undertake removals if they have an appropriate goods vehicle permit. You can easily and simply check for yourself whether a removals company has the approval to transport goods under Verkehrsunternehmensdatei / Unternehmenssuche on the BAG website.

Removals / Can every removals company provide across border removals services in the European Union (EU) / European Economic Area (EEA)?

Removals companies crossing borders between all EU / EEA countries with their commercial goods vehicles require a Community permit. You can easily and simply check whether a removals company possesses the necessary permit to commercially transport goods between all EU / EEA countries under Verkehrsunternehmensdatei / Unternehmenssuche on the BAG website.

Duration of a removal / How long does a removal take?

Generally, though depending on the nature of the services needed, a removal within the same city can be undertaken in one or two days. If the destination is in another town or city in Germany or in Europe, when the transport truck departs and the time it takes for it to be driven there has to be taken into consideration. Several days can occur between loading and unloading.

If your goods are being transported as a part load, it can take longer between loading and unloading.

For an overseas removal, because it takes longer to ship goods overseas and the sometimes limited container shipping services, you may need to reckon with a number of weeks between the time your goods are loaded and delivered.

Undertaking a removal / From and to which locations can I use Hertling to remove goods?
Hertling can undertake your removal locally, regionally, nationally and also internationally.
Removals assistance / Can I request removals staff from Hertling for my removal?
If you prefer to undertake most of your removal yourself, you can still arrange assistance from Hertling - for example a truck with a driver, packing staff, people to carry the goods or dismantling/assembling staff.
Removal cartons / Can I buy packing material such as removal cartons from Hertling?

Yes, we sell packing materials to our clients. The most frequently purchased materials are removal cartons, book cartons, bubble-wrap and wrapping paper. You can purchase removals material at our branches during normal business hours or order packing materials from our website.

Removals cost / What does a removal cost?

The question of costs for a removal cannot in reality be answered in general terms. It would be the same as trying to answer what a car or a house would cost. There are a large number of factors that must be taken into account with a removal. These include the nature and volume of your removal goods, the distance between the loading and delivery points and the conditions at those sites, whether it is an overseas removal or a removal within Europe, Germany, a region or your town and what specific services you require of the removals company such as packing and unpacking your goods, installation of light fittings, carpentry work, dismantling and assembly work including of a kitchen, etc. When you want the removal to take place is also a factor.

Contact us. Following an inpection of your goods to be removed and after discussing your requirements, our adviser will be able to give you an estimate of the cost and provide you with a firm quotation.

Planning a removal / Checklist / When should I get in contact with the removals company in order to properly plan my removal?
Basically, it is advisable to commence the organisation of your removal as early as possible, especially if you want a specific date in the summer holiday period or at the end of the year. In general you should confirm your removal order four weeks before the removal date. The less time between confirming the order and your intended removal date, the greater the likelihood it cannot be undertaken as you wish. Removals within a city can sometimes be undertaken at short notice. Long distance removals within Germany, Europe or overseas require a longer lead time to ensure a good result.
Damage during the removal / What do I do if I have found some damage caused during the removal?
Depending upon whether damage is to the removal goods or other items related to the removal, there are specific deadlines to take into account in reporting the damage. Your contract documentation details how you should proceed in the event that you discover any damage. You should particularly take into account the information about liability coverage and also the conditions relating to your transport insurance if you choose to take out this insurance.
Credibility of removals companies / How can I be sure that a removals company is reputable?

There are several indicators that enable you to determine whether a removals company is reputable. It is not necessarily a flashy website! The following characteristics are relevant:

  • The amount of time the removals company has been in existence;
  • The company possesses its own well-trained specialised personnel;
  • Membership in the association of German removals companies AMÖ or membership with FIDI of which leading removals companies world-wide are members;
  • Demonstrated current liability insurance coverage;
  • Demonstrated possession of a goods traffic permit (or an EU/EEA Community permit); and
  • Current certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and especially in accordance with DIN EN 12522 (European service standards for the relocation of private individuals.

Because of the complex factors that constitute a removal, it may well not be advisable to commission a company that wins your patronage only on the basis of a favourable price.

Removals company / Why should I commission a removals company to carry out my removal?
You want to have some painting, plumbing, carpentry or electrical work done. Wouldn’t you engage a specialist? The same goes for a removal. You want to have your project undertaken by specialised personnel whether the removal is within Germany, Europe or to or from overseas. If you propose to undertake the removal yourself, you need to obtain packing materials, rent a suitable vehicle, perhaps make the trip several times because your driver‘s licence only permits you to drive small delivery vans, dismantle your removal goods and pack them up securely, remove the goods from your residence and carry them to the vehicle, pack them securely into the vehicle, drive to the new location and unload everything, carry them into the residence, unpack the goods, assemble, etc, etc. And then you may need the services of carpenters, plumbers or electricians. Save your precious time. Spare yourself and your friends and relatives who would help you with your move. Do something more pleasant with them. Enjoy the professional service of Hertling. In end you may well find it cheaper than if you had done the removal yourself!
Removals volume / How can I work out the volume of my removals goods?

If you would like to estimate the volume of your removals goods yourself, we recommend that you download the removals goods list from our website. Of course you can get in touch with one of our removals advisers to make an appointment to view your goods and to quantify the volume of goods that are to be included in your removal.

Please contact our removals adviser.