• We offer storage space for your files and archives!

File storage, delivery service, file destruction – record management service

Does your file and archive material take up valuable and above all, expensive office space? The newly rented office doesn't have enough storage space for your files? Storing your files at Hertling and using the record management service of Hertling is the solution! We can offer options for the storage of small large to large quantities of files and archival material. By using a professional archiving system, we can register and establish an inventory of your files so that you can check the content of the stored files even when they are stored.

In addition to file storage, we offer a transport service for your files as a part of our file management service. With our pick-up and delivery service, individual files can be sent to you on request within agreed deadlines and collected from you for return to storage once you have finished with them.

After the retention periods have expired, we can also offer destruction of the files. After the files have been destroyed, you will receive a certificate of destruction confirming that the files have been duly disposed of.

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