Well insured

When you relocate with HERTLING you need not be concerned about the insurance of your household effects.

Every freight forwarder in Germany has a legal obligation to have insurance coverage. This compulsory insurance, at no cost to you, covers a minimum amount. It consists of €620 per cubic metre (m³) of goods removed. For example, for a volume of 50 m³, insurance coverage will be in the amount of €31,000.

This coverage is based only on the current market value of the goods. It should be noted that a claim for damages will only be considered if fault can be determined. In the case of a so-called “unavoidable event” (eg loss of a vehicle through fire, the removalist’s truck is involved in an accident it has not caused, a shipping container is washed overboard), there is no coverage under this insurance.

We will provide you the opportunity to conclude transport insurance whereby your effects can be insured either for current market value or for reinstatement value. It is not necessary to prove fault with this coverage. Generally, damage up to the level of the insurance value is covered, regardless of whether criminal action has occurred or if fault cannot be definitely established.

There are no further significant limits of liability such as are applicable to the compulsory basic cover. So in the event of a loss, you can be assured that the damage you have experienced will be recompensed quickly.

HERTLING can offer economical premiums with selected insurers.

If you would like to store your effects with us, we can of course offer storage insurance.

In the event of damage during the course of your move, the employees of our Quality Assurance section will support you during the damage resolution process.