Damage during the removal?
How do I correctly insure my removal?

Liability and Transport Insurance during the removal

It is important to determine whether damage that arises during a removal is to be attributed to the company’s legal liability or whether it should be attributed to transport insurance.

Every removals company in Germany is legally obliged to hold an insurance coverage. This compulsory insurance, which does not cost you anything, consists of insurance coverage at the rate of EUR 620 per cubic meter of removals goods. For example, with removals goods totalling 50 cubic meters, the maximum liability insurance coverage would be EUR 31,000.

The amount covered under liability insurance is always based on the depreciated value of the removal goods. Responsibility for damage will only be considered if fault can be proven. In the event of an unavoidable occurrence, for example the loss of a vehicle through fire, the removals vehicle is involved in an accident that is not its fault, a shipping container on a ship is lost overboard, due to the absence of fault there is no insurance coverage.

For that reason we can offer transport insurance based on either the new or depreciated value of the removals goods. The establishment of fault is not required with this insurance. In general, damage is covered up to the maximum value of the insured goods.

This is regardless of whether the damage has been caused by an external force or whether the cause of the damage cannot be established. A condition is that the removals goods must have been packed by the removalist.

Other major exemptions do not apply in the same way as is the case with the liability insurance. Consequently in the event of damage, the loss you experienced would be settled quickly.

Hertling can offer competitive insurance quotes with selected insurance companies.

Should you wish to store your goods with us, we can of course offer storage insurance.

If there is damage to your goods that arises in the course of your removal, the staff of our quality assurance department will support you with the processing of your claim.