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For 2 years we have not been able to celebrate as usual because of Corona

Last Friday the time had finally come: a barbecue party at our premises in Berlin-Charlottenburg!

The HERTLING relocation team was also happy about some former employees who came especially for this occasion.

And the joy of finally getting together again with something grilled and a sip to exchange ideas outside of the daily work topics was crowned by the unveiling of a real work of art:

Over 6 years of painstaking work, several employees of our moving company have rebuilt the warehouse and office building completed in 1913, in which there were still horse stables in the basement and even on the 4th floor and in which the headquarters of our family business is still located today, on a scale of 1:87.

In addition to the model builders in our team, many employees supported the project financially.

All of the vehicles shown are not "off the peg" either, but have been created by one of our model builders with meticulous precision work.

Completed in 2021, the inauguration of the model unfortunately could not take place due to the pandemic.

Incidentally, the representation of the model corresponds to the situation in the 1960s, when HERTLING was still a sole proprietorship under “Gebr. Hertling", as we one can see what the company building looks like today every day, says the model construction team.

Only one detail of the historically modeled building complex actually comes from our time!

Do any of you know what this is about? 😉

You are all cordially invited to take a look at the model that is on display in our offices in Berlin. 

A veritable masterpiece, created hand-in-hand in the HERTLING team!

Yes, that's the HERTLING team!

HERTLING celebration
HERTLING celebration confetti
Hertling house model