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The war in Ukraine affects us incredibly!

The images and information that reach us every day via the various media, at least in Western Europe, leave us speechless. Young and old men who tearfully say goodbye to their families because they want to defend their country. Women and children fleeing to safe countries abroad. Rocket attacks, cities soon trapped and cut off from supplies. People who seek protection from the terror of war in subway stations. Probably thousands dead on both sides already. Destroyed houses and streets. The tickers of the news agencies and broadcasters do not stand still, new reports arrive almost every minute and there is no end in sight to the war for the time being.

Who would have thought that there would be another war like this in Europe!?

We have the greatest respect for all the people and organizations in Germany and Europe who organize help for the war refugees in the shortest possible time. This willingness to help creates hope!

Hertling has already donated cartons to various initiatives in Berlin and Frankfurt for the packaging of donated aid supplies.

However, we have now decided to make a contribution as a company by donating money to the - Aktion Deutschland Hilft - to help people in need directly in the war zone but also in the countries that are absorbing the streams of refugees.

With this we hope to make a small contribution to alleviate the suffering of the people in this catastrophic situation and call on everyone to make a donation to a reputable aid organization or to contribute in any other way to alleviating the harm done to the people of Ukraine.

We feel for the people in Ukraine and those fleeing war and destruction and hope for an end to the war in Ukraine!

Stop the war now!

HERTLING donations for the Ukraine