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Time to say good-bye after 15 years with the HERTLING team

Around 15 years ago, Greg L. started at Hertling in Frankfurt am Main.

The time until today's retirement and farewell party by the team seems to have flown by.

With Greg we let a very collegial, competent and experienced removals specialist for international removals by air freight, sea freight and land transport go.

Vaccinated, boosted and with an actual day test, the mask could be taken off in the office today to toast our colleague and this event.

The management and some colleagues from Berlin also joined via zoom meeting to say goodbye to Greg L.

Saying goodbye today was accompanied by mixed feelings for all of us. We are happy that he can finally do all the things he did not have time for before. Nevertheless, we will miss Greg at the same time.

However, there is still good news in this context: we are pleased that Nino L. has already started in our international team and is continuing the planning and execution of international moves.

We wish Greg all the best, good luck and contentment in the new chapter of life and look forward to seeing him again at the latest on the occasion of the next Hertling-Party.

(We then hope for piano accompaniment from Greg to our Hertling song:

Yes, that is how the Hertling movers are!) 😊