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Court freight forwarder of the emperor and king

Prussian purveyor to the court Hertling – our first entry in Wikipedia


We are pleased about our first entry in what is probably the best-known and largest free Internet encyclopedia on the Internet: Wikipedia.




Hertling, founded in 1865 (in Charlottenburg near Berlin) and therefore probably one of the oldest moving companies in Germany, which is still run by the descendants of the founder Emil Hertling in the 4th and 5th generations, was awarded the first quality certificate ever in 1910! The brothers Albert and Friedrich Hertling, who only took over the E. Hertling trucking company/forwarding company from their father Emil Hertling in 1898 and continued the company in the second generation, were awarded the title “Court Freight Forwarders of His Majesty the Emperor and King” as early as 1910.


As can be read on Wiki, the title of “court supplier” was not awarded to the company itself, but to the owner of the respective company. Hertling carried out furniture transport and moves between the numerous royal palaces.


Of course, this award meant the best advertising for our moving company. Among other things, the royal emblem was allowed to be displayed in gold on the front of the moving vans.


Today, Hertling, with its additional branches in Kruge near Eberswalde and Frankfurt am Main, is still a certified “court supplier”!

However, today there are different certificates with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as FIDI FAIM and the “yard” has also changed.


Today, Hertling works for many kings, namely our customers - true to the motto: “The customer is king!”

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