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For the next move, please note

For the next move, please note: only pack the goods in high-quality moving boxes, label them properly and ideally have them packed by Hertling's moving professionals! 😉

With every move, many moving boxes are packed. Sometimes the customers pack themselves. However, many customers are happy to use the packing service of our moving company.

This saves time and nerves! Because our trained and experienced removal packers know exactly which removal goods have to be packed how so that they survive the move undamaged.

In any case, it is important to label the boxes immediately after closing them so that you can still assign the moving box to the correct destination after transport WITHOUT having to open it.

You should also mark the boxes that contain particularly fragile things! These then experience particularly careful handling! :-)

And by the way: moving material in Hertling quality, such as moving boxes in different sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper and much more that is needed for the move, you can buy packing materials online in the branches of our moving company in Kruge near Eberswalde, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin.

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