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Reassembling of a silent cabin

For a specialist in room acoustics concepts, we were recently allowed to dismantle a soundproof telephone box / silent cabin in Berlin and reassemble it for a customer in Hamburg.

The Hertling team not only carries out relocations for private customers and corporate customers in Germany and Europe. We also regularly assemble furniture for our customers. This can be existing furniture or new furniture that is dismantled, assembled, converted or stored, for example due to renovation measures, relocations, new occupation of office space, new furniture or the standardization of furniture concepts.

Before we dispose of office furniture in an environmentally friendly manner, we try to enable a second cycle of use for office furniture that is still usable, also in the interest of our customers and to conserve resources.

Montage einer Telefonbox / Silent Cabin
Montage einer Silent Cabin
Silent Cabin fertig aufgebaut
Silent Cabin