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File Storage and File Management with Pick-up and Delivery Service

If you no longer know what to do with your files, then we have the right solution for you with Hertling file management.

We pick up your files from the current location. On request, we can create a digital inventory of the files and thus enable an overview and search for each individual file in your digital file archive.

The files are stored safely and dry in our alarm-secured file archives. If required, we will send you the files you need to a location specified by you with our file delivery service.

After the end of the need, we will pick up the file from you and put it back in the original place in the archive. At the end of the retention period, we offer you certified document destruction.

We currently have capacity for storing records from Berlin and Brandenburg in our file archive at the Eberswalde location.

Our file warehouse at the Frankfurt / Nieder-Eschbach location still has storage space for files from the greater Frankfurt am Main / Hesse area.

Create space in your office, basement or warehouse and entrust your files to the Hertling record storage service.

HERTLING file storage in Kruge near Eberswalde mobile shelving system