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Secure Mounting - Dowel training at Hertling!

We offer moving services beyond just transport! For example, we hang up pictures, attach curtain rods, mount furniture on the wall and install lamps and lighting systems for our customers. So that everything stays where it was installed, it always needs professional fastening. That's why we at Hertling in Berlin recently organized a training course for our furniture fitters on the subject of "placing dowels". You never stop learning! Not every wall and ceiling is made of the same material. Therefore, our installers always select the right dowel. You can see a small selection on the photo of the training workpiece! Oh yes: we don't want to come across water, gas sources or sources of electricity when carrying out dowel work! Therefore, before drilling and installing dowels, we use a locating device to check the subsurface to ensure that it is really "conflict-free" working subsurface.