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Moving from very small to very large

We are really excited and impressed!

There are not only hard-working model builders in our own ranks, but obviously also beyond!

We recently received these images of a moving scene in a miniature country, created by the model builder and HERTLING follower @AndreasFreibeuter.

@AndreasFreibeuter: Thank you very much!

It really looks like a real moving with HERTLING!

It is a good thing that HERTLING is also in the world of model making, then the moves will work there too! 😊

Even the striking details of the vehicle lettering of the HERTLING removal vehicles have been reproduced exactly. The pros among you know who the drivers are!

Only when it comes to work clothes does the model world differ from the real world of moving! 😊

@AndreasFreibeuter: No, no, please do not hire a tailor! 😉

The display of the moving scene in miniature could also be seen as a symbol for the wide range of services of our moving company: from very small to very large, HERTLING carries out every move!