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A Journey Through Time to the Late 1950S

“Our” model makers got the inspiration to recreate a historical scene from our HERTLING photo album, for which we are very grateful.

The model recreates a journey through time to the late 1950s, when our Hertling trucks were still able to drive onto the apron of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin.

Back then, our vehicle lettering was different than today of course. The HERTLING branch in Hamburg was only founded shortly after the end of the Second World War.

The branches in Frankfurt am Main and Eberswalde did not yet exist. And we still traded as Gebr.(üder) HERTLING.

Tempelhof was one of the first commercial airports in Germany and was closed in 2008.

During the Berlin blockade (1948-1949) Tempelhof was the most important airport for the establishment of the airlift called “Luftbrücke”.

The aircraft on the historical photos is a Douglas DC-3 or DC-47/Dakota operated by Transair. This type became famous as the "Candy Bomber" during the blockade of Berlin.

The Unimog in the photo is a Unimog U 25 series 401, which was built from 1955 onwards.

Is the truck next to the plane a Ford FK 3000?

HERTLING Airlift Berlin Photo
HERTLING Airlift Berlin Photo
HERTLING Airlift Berlin model
HERTLING Airlift Berlin model