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The HERTLING removal team is happy about a total of +1.5 K friends

The HERTLING removal team is happy about a total of +1.5 K friends, followers, supporters, companions, viewers, partners, colleagues and employees who follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

This makes HERTLING not only one of the most traditional moving companies in Germany, but also, so to speak, a “nano influencer” in the world of moving! 😉

We published our first post on November, 1th 2019 and, as a more than 150-year-old moving company, we took the step into the social media world that was previously unknown to us, in line with our motto "HERLING - Tradition in Motion".

We enjoy sharing impressions of the "life" of our moving company with you and looking back, even we are amazed at all the interesting, exciting, entertaining and comical things that actually happened, what took place “in silence” up until then.

Thank you for your loyalty and your support. Thank you for sharing, commenting and forwarding our posts!

… and continue to send us your inquiries, suggestions, pictures, videos and comments so that we can continue to report in a varied and entertaining way.