Hertling News-Blog

“Extremely strong performance" by HERTLING in Berlin!

We did recently perform again another office move in Berlin.

In addition to the usual goods for a company move, there was also something special to transport: a man-high Berlin Buddy Bear!

This made our Berlin moving team happy and proud, as can be seen in the picture. After all, HERTLING has been a moving company from Berlin since 1865!

The bear has been the heraldic animal of Berlin without interruption since 1280!

More than 2000 Buddy Bears have been produced since 2001, around 1600 of which are located outside of Berlin and Brandenburg and thus also act as ambassadors for our capital Berlin.

In addition to the goal of the initiators to promote tolerance and international understanding, charitable campaigns for the benefit of needy children are also supported.

We think that's great!

If you need a moving company to carry out your move, then our "bear strong" HERTLING team looks forward to your inquiry!