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Tree shade to protect from the heat

In these hot summer days we are very happy about every shade-giving tree, aren't we?!

In 2008 we participated in the planting of 3 street trees in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of our moving company Hertling on the corner of Spandauer Damm and Sophie-Charlotten-Straße. After all, all three managed to grow. But even after 14 years, the trees are still not "giants"! This shows how long it takes until trees are really big, robust against environmental influences and provide shade. When it's really hot, our street trees need a lot of water, just like us humans! Therefore, every tree is happy about a sip of water from your bucket, garden hose or bottle. Even better is a tree watering bag/water bag that will hydrate the tree drop by drop over an extended period of time. Do you take care of a tree too? Then send us a picture of your “tree project”!

Hertling plants trees
Trees after 14 years