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In-house office moves and relocations of entire companies

In-house office moves and relocations of entire companies within a city, throughout Germany and beyond are part of Hertling's daily service portfolio.

The office furniture is either moved at the same time or the new offices are equipped with new furniture when the move takes place.

However, the IT assets of a computer workstation are usually completely relocated. Therefore, of course, the careful transport of the IT is always part of an office move.

For transport, IT assets such as PCs, thin clients, laptops, monitors, peripherals, telephones and headsets as well as all cabling and other accessories are protected by our specialist staff in antistatic bubble wrap bags and roll able PC trays.

As an in-house service, HERTLING offers de- and reconnection of the IT workstations. In order to avoid the so-called "cable spaghetti", our IT technicians guide all cables in an orderly manner through existing cable ducts and cable guides as part of cable management.

As can be seen in the picture from a current project. HERTLING is doing a decent job!

In-house office moves and site relocations