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We wish you all a nice spring equinox

We wish you all a nice spring equinox - you could also just say a nice start of spring!

Because today, March 20th 2022 is the first equinox of the year. The fact that daylight and night are of equal length and the the sun rises almost exactly in the east and sets in the west marks the astronomical beginning of spring.

The meteorological spring, on the other hand, lasts fix from the beginning of March to the end of May, according to the UN-Sub-organization WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

The sun is shining everywhere in Germany today.

In deep thoughts of all those people in the world who due to their individual situation unfortunately cannot enjoy the magic of spring weather, wishes the Hertling-Team to all of you a nice spring Sunday and a good start into a new week tomorrow, which we hope will bring good news and events for all of us.

Ein schöner Frühlingsbeginn