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Today is a day with a palindrome date!

22.02.2022 - read forwards or backwards, the same meaning remains.

For numerologists, this date is absolutely magical and can even mean radical change through the focusing of powerful energies.

Certain things should definitely be done on this date, others not.

The date consists of six twos - and that on the 2nd day of the week. The "2" has a special meaning; it stands for harmony, love, friendship and diplomacy.

Therefore, the date is of particular importance, especially for relationships of all kind.

However, one thing is certain: with HERTLING, you cannot just move into your new home on a mirror date. If you book a move with HERTLING with an all-round carefree package and full service, the radical change of residence is magically easy to do on any desired date.

We wish you all an absolutely harmonious Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 and all those moving a "magical" moving experience with the HERTLING team at any time! ;-)

Heute ist ein Tag mit Palindrom-Datum!