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Move from Germany to Sweden

Great winter pictures have reached us from our Kruger team.

Elche, IKEA, Pippi Langstrumpf - we associate many things with Sweden in this country. Some people visit the far north as a tourist, buy Swedish furniture, listen to the Swedish export hit ABBA, read Swedish crime novels, and actually think all Swedes are great. ;-)

This time our Kruger branch made it around 1,000 km north from Spreenhagen (Oder-Spree district) to Vansbro, Örskogen (Dalanas Iän province)!

The place is 82 km west of Borlänge at the mouth of the Vanån in the Västerdalälven. Vansbro is best known for “Vansbrosimningen”, a long-distance swimming competition.

Since this week, our customers can experience all of this first hand.

We wish our clients all the best in their new home!

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Sunset in Sweden after moving with HERTLING
Removal truck on a snowy road in Sweden
Move from Germany to Sweden with HERTLING