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Farewell after almost 31 years with Hertling!

After almost 31 years of working for the moving company Hertling in Berlin, we say goodbye to our valued employee, Mr Krause, into well-deserved retirement. With the exception of 2 vaccination days, he was literally there for his Hertling team and customers all the time.

We would have liked to have honored this unbelievable and nowadays extremely rare achievement in a larger and more festive setting. Unfortunately, for known reasons, we had to do without it.

All colleagues are very happy that Mr. Krause will still be actively available to the Hertling team if necessary.

In a small group consisting of representatives from the dispatch, the works council and the management, Mr. Krause was thanked and praised on behalf of the entire Hertling-Team and a present was handed over.

(By the way, for the photo we only took off our masks for a moment and held our breath.)

Farewell after 31 years of HERTLING