Hertling News-Blog

Our truck made a pit stop.

Tire change almost like in Formula 1.

The tires on our container forklift once again needed a decent profile.

The old “slicks” were removed and new tires were fitted onto the rims.

Newly assembled and properly tightened, our forklift is immediately back to work and moves storage containers and self-storage containers.

In Formula 1, a pit stop takes less than 2 seconds. Ours just took a little longer, thanks to the great service provided by our tire partner Pneuhage.

Forklift truck dismantling old tires
Forklift axles without tires
Forklift new tires before assembly
Forklift tire tightening nut
Forklift in use again with new tires
Forklift company to assemble the tires