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Perhaps one or the other has already seen him in action:

Our furniture lift or also called outside elevator

A few days ago, it was used for a customer in Berlin. It is mostly used when the construction of the house does not allow normal removal (e.g. here) of the removal goods in our moving van.

This can be, among other things: a very narrow staircase, a spiral staircase or the 4th (+). 1st floor.

Here you can save personnel costs by using an external elevator. It is a great way to move all your household items from or to the higher floors. It makes the work of our on-site team immensely easier, and it prevents even more damage to the stairwell and the furniture.

The external elevators usually have a lifting height of 18 to 35 m (up to approx. 6th floor) with a payload of up to 400 kg. The loading area can be used as a basket with folded up sidewalls or as a large loading area, it is usually set up or dismantled in about 15 minutes. The background noise is also kept within limits, as it is driven by an electric motor, so that the surroundings are not unnecessarily disturbed.

If you plan to move, our advisors look forward to your inquiry. Take a look at our homepage, there you will find your advisor depending on the region, or you can send your request there and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Hertling furniture lift