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Capgemini moved with Hertling from Stuttgart to Leinfelden at the end of May 2021!

The office moving project included the transportation of several hundred workstations including the de- and rewiring of the workplace IT. Extensive office furniture was professionally dismantled by the HERTLING fitters and reassembled at the destination.

Within three working days, approx. 730 cbm of removal goods were moved from Stuttgart to Leinfelden.

At the same time as the main move, around 150 cbm of office furniture was transported from Stuttgart to the Capgemini locations in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Erfurt and the HERTLING warehouse.

The environmentally friendly disposal of approx. 450 cbm of old furniture and, ultimately, the swept-clean handover of the old office space were also carried out by Hertling during this business moving project.

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