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Selling globally – service locally!

A best practice example of the international OMA network:
A US-based OMA-member was requested by one of their customers, a big and well known company of the IT-industry, to perform moving and storage services related to their office across Europe.

It was only one call for the US-based  OMA-member to their contact of the European OMA network – and the services expected were offered and confirmed! Within shortest time possible all moving and storage services in various countries in Europe, coordinated by AMT in France, were executed by the OMA partner in the respective country, like Hertling in Germany.

We sell globally! You get a local service! Trust OMA!

Do you need a Europe-wide solution for your company or are you looking for a service partner in the USA or Canada for the central organization of your office moves and other services?

Maike Trauner 25 years