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1961 HERTLING establishes a branch in Frankfurt am Main

When the Hertling family decided to open a branch in Frankfurt am Main, Friedrich Hertling, from the 4th generation, was ready to take on this task to open up, in order to ensure the continuation of the business even in the event of a feared "closure" of West Berlin ". With the essentials: pens, paper, typewriter he started. The first office was a shop on Thomasiusstrasse, with a very small warehouse. The driveway to the courtyard was so narrow, according to F. Hertling, "that you could hardly get into the courtyard with a car, and although I had assistance from the head office in Berlin, the first few years were very tough," reports F. Hertling. “I had to start from 0 on site”. Because of the economic boom and full employment, it was very difficult to find workers, recalls F. Hertling. “Then I lent a hand myself and, for example, picked up the air freight coming from Berlin from the airport. How to get new customers?! How do you get the transport capacity?! ”At least one could now continue to look after the major customer Hertie at the time. After a lot of hard work, the branch slowly blossomed. A local moving company was acquired and in 1967 the company moved to Eckenheimer Landstrasse. After a branch manager was engaged and the local business was running, F. Hertling was able to return to Berlin after years of building up. Since the office in Frankfurt has continued to develop well since then, the 2nd property also became too small. In 1991 Hertling moved into the office building with a big warehouse on a spacious plot of land at Berner Strasse 36 in Frankfurt Nieder-Eschbach, where the office is still located today.

In today's post we would like to thank in particular Friedrich Hertling for his “pioneering work” in Frankfurt.