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Birgitt Krüger / Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 320 90 349
Fax: +49 30 320 90 340

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Marion Schorn-Mayer / Frankfurt/M.

Tel.: +49 69 950 08 210
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Christiane Bensberg

Christiane Bensberg / Düsseldorf

Tel.: +49 211 730 60 221
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Marita Reimann / Eberswalde

Tel.: +49 33451 574711
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... so that your goods remain good with security

There are many reasons for the necessity to store complete household effects or part thereof. You are being transferred due to your job, but you do not want to take your whole household with you to another country? You would like to move to a new location, but want to give yourself time to look for a suitable residence? You have inherited furniture and antiques and cannot accommodate them in your residence but you do not want to dispose of them? You would like to renovate but you do not know where to put your furniture?

With a variety of storage containers of all dimensions, HERTLING can provide solutions for the secure and convenient storage of effects in our own warehouses, for any duration. Voluminous storage lots can be stored in 20’ steel containers. For smaller storage lots, HERTLING can provide storage in wooden containers. Your goods can be stored with us for as long as you would like.

On request, the items that you wish to store can be packed, numbered and listed at your residence. At any time, your goods can be retrieved in full or in part.

Should you store your goods with us, we can of course also offer storage insurance.