Client Advisor

Boris Flatow / Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 320 90 346
Fax: +49 30 320 90 340

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Marc Gundersdorff / Frankfurt/M.

Tel.: +49 69 950 08 213
Fax: +49 69 950 08 230

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Klaus Döring

Klaus Döring / Düsseldorf

Tel.: +49 211 730 60 222
Fax: +49 211 989 61 767

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Andre Kroll / Eberswalde

Tel.: +49 33451 574712
Fax: +49 33451 574718

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... we will give your enterprise legs

HERTLING relocates businesses, government agencies, offices, professional suites and laboratories as well as archives and industrial enterprises. Using sophisticated technology, these removals are conducted by our well-versed specialised personnel, day or night and even on weekends. Our specialised team can easily transport heavy items, sensitive IT installations, photocopiers, other office equipment and files.

Our vehicles are equipped with air-suspension and tailgate lifts. Modern technology makes moving easy. Our external hoists make the job effortless. With special trolleys we traverse lengthy corridors. Staircases are overcome with electric stair climbing devices. In conjunction with our Client Advisors, you will set a time-line so that we can plan a smooth workflow – even during weekends.

We have special wheeled containers for files and business records. So that your records are at hand straight away in your new office in the correct place, during packing they are carefully identified and labelled. We can destroy, in accordance with federal German privacy laws, records you no longer require.